Friday, January 3, 2014

Gorriti, Filipe

Felipe Gorriti y Osambela (1839-1896) Spanis compoers. Gorriti was at the forefront of the late transition in Spain between Baroque/Classical and Romantic styles. Having studied organ with his father and then the Madrid Conservatory, Gorriti took his first position as organist in 1859 in Tafalla. In his eight years there, Gorriti composed in the prevailing Baroque style, the works accounting for two-thirds of all of his compositions. From 1867 until his death, he was organist at St. Mary’s Church in Tolosa (Guip├║zcoa, Basque country) and played and composed for the Romantic organ supplied in 1885 and heard on Volume 2 of these CDs.

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