Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gadbois, Charles-emile

Charles-Emile Gadbois(1906-1981), Canadian catholic priest, composer and folklorist, studied piano, organ and violin from teachers of church and cathedral, director of the band, and promoting/organizing festivals and contests. He composed 60 songs and some folk song arrangemants.

Gade, Jacob

Jacob Gade(1879-1963), Danish violinist and composer, mostly of orchestral popular music. Today he is remembered for a single tune "Tango Tzigane Jalousie".

Gade, Niels Wilhelm

Niels Wilhelm Gade(1817-1890), Danish composer, conductor, violinist, organist and teacher. He is considered the most important Danish musician of his days. He began his career as a violinist with Royal Danish Orchestra. He went to Germany and met Mendelssohn, became his assistant conductor, later succeeded Mendelssohn as conductor of Leipzig Orchestra. In 1849 he returned to Copenhagen, became the director of the Copenhagen Musical Society and taught at the Copenhagen Conservatory. He composed 8 symphonies, other orchestral music.

Gadjiev, Rauf

Rauf Gadjiev, Azerbaijani musician.

Gaito, Constantino

Constantino Gaito(1878-1945), Argentine composer, studied at the Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella, Naples, returned to Argentina, founded a conservatory and taught there, also taught at the National Conservatory. He composed operas, symphonic poems, and piano music.

Galeotti, Vincenzo

Vincenzo Galeotti(1733-1816), Italian-Danish dancer, choreographer and ballet teacher, considered as the "Father of Danish Ballet", born and studied in Italy, toured and danced with many European Ballet companies, settled in Venice. He was invited to Copenhagen as ballet master, laying the foundation of the "Royal Danish Ballet". He stayed in Denmark the remainder of his life.

Gallus, Jacobus

Jacobus Gallus(1550-1591), a late Renaissance composer of Slovenian origin, educated at the Cistercian monastery at Sticna in Carniola, worked as organist in Prague. He composed over 500 works, mostly sacred and secular music.